Evolution has always been a recurring theme in my life. I find myself embracing undefined ways of creating; this is valuable in our contemporary space as these approaches can yield fresh and robust ideologies. Although aggressive investigation is essential to expanding the visual landscape, somehow, in pondering the simplest happenings there are avenues for progress. 

In my practice I traverse these avenues to imagine my environment both physically and psychologically. I believe artwork transmits when it can be seen to inherit the properties of the ‘artist flux’ – the space where perceptions unravel.


Sebastian de Lancey is an artist from the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago. Reflecting the islands’ diverse culture, Sebastian demonstrates artistic versatility in order to respond to the contemporary muse. Exposure to various art forms has enabled a unique and continuous sense of evolution in the artist’s work; this evolution intensified in 2010 with ‘the diemon’ – the uneven canvas.

de Lancey holds an MA and BAVA from the University of the West Indies. He is a member of the National Artists Registry and the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society. Professionally, Sebastian has had artwork exhibited and published in the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, and the US.